Internet Protocol — Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN)


  • It is flexible – when additional new sites or when bandwidth upgrade, or when it is integration with various protocols and applications already exist within the company is required and is offered in a wide range of offerings from 256kbps to n x 100Mbps
  • It is efficient – in terms of costs, thanks to any-to-any configuration for both mesh and ‘hub-to-spoke’.
  • It is secure – customers can use virtual private network with MPLS technology to separate one group from another.
  • It is reliable – supported by backbone network using ring topology via fiber optic, satellite or microwave, the network quality is complying with QoS (Quality of Service) requirements.
  • It is stable – thanks to mature IP technology
  • It is practical and simple – multiple services (voice apps, data, and video) can be managed, classified and prioritized, for the purposes of setting the quality of each service on a single connection.

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