Satellite Palapa-D

The coverage

The satellite was designed to meet aggressive demands in the broadcast and data communications requirements with the following features:

  • Linearized TWTA to carry more carriers per transponder which means lower cost per link for data communication
  • Higher power TWTA means higher EIRP and that’s the best for smaller reception (TVRO) dish size. This benefits TV viewers and DTH operators in shipping and installing the dish.
  • ALC (automatic level control) to compensate rain attenuation in uplink site so that transmission quality will be maintained in the pre-set value

The coverage itself was designed to cover 4 billion popullation in the Asia Pacific Region ASIA Beam:

  • Wide coverage: Middle East, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Korea, ASEAN countries, Australia
  • PALAPA-D covers of more than 4 billion population in Asia Pacific region (60% of worldwide population)

ASEAN Beam covers ASEAN countries with population of 300 millions

More than 15 million TVRO dishes in Indonesia pointing to PALAPA-D.Represent of 20% of TV household and 4% of Indonesia population

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