Satellite Video Distribution

How to bring your contents to our uplink station in Jakarta? We have prepared all the things for you. Here are the options:

  • Upload your video files into our playout or your own playout placed in our uplink station from your studios by internet or VPN (MPLS). In either way, you can manage the playout remotely
  • If you have used other satellite to reach other areas of your interest currently, we can just receive it and seamlessly retransmit it to our Palapa-D satellite
  • You can also stream it from your studio via our VPN (MPLS) to directly transmitted to Palapa-D satellite
  • Our platform can carry HD or SD video in MPEG2 or MPEG4 compression, in MCPC as well as SCPC type of transmission

Check out our choices of solutions for video distribution below:

Why Us?

15 millions homes are pointing to PALAPA-D satellite, representing 20% of TV household and 4% of population in Indonesia.

PALAPA-D satellite is the house for: 80% National TV channels, 85 FTA channels, 230 channels in DTH pay-TV, enjoyed by more than 15 million TVRO dishes in Indonesia pointing to PALAPA-D (2014).

The satellite covers the area with 60% of world population across Middle East, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Korea, ASEAN countries, and Australia or FULL South East Asian Countries coverage to cover 300 millions populations.

Very simple, you just need to prepare your video source (contents), focus on the business, and we take care all the rest to reach the audience

Having your contents here simply means you join prestigious channel neighborhood. Take a look at this neighborhood at here.

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