Video Distribution Network

  • You just need to prepare your video source in SDI format in your selected location and plug it into our VDN terminal installed in your site. In the destination sites, you will have it back with the same format as its source, that is SDI, for further processing of your requirements
  • You can send your video source to a site (Point To Point VDN) or to multi-point sites with Multicast VDN

Check out our choices of solutions for video distribution below:

Why Us?

Reliable and resilient network design

Simple & common video interface input and output

Our fiber network has reached most of big Pay-TV Operators in Indonesia, easy for video content provider to distribute its contents to them

Our capability in multicasting is simply like broadcast to limited sites give you affordable in good quality

Our VDN network is integrated with satellite uplink facility and other network of Global Service Providers in some parts of the world

Our VDN solution enables you to seamlessly extend any existing video network to any locations across the globe, delivering robust live video transport over

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